Гуногунии намудҳо

​​​​​​Polygonaceae Family (buckweats) in the republic is represented by 98 species, belonging to 7 genera. The major genus is Polygonum (pepper plant), which contains 46 species of annual and perennial grass, shrubs, and subshrubs. These are common everywhere at 300 to 4700 masl and are components of various formations and florocoenotypes. Many species are forage, medicinal, tanniferous, food, and decorative. The following species need protection: Baljuan pepper plant (Polygonum baldshuanicum), Hissar pepper plant (P.hissaricum), hydropepper plant (P.hydro-piper), tanniferous pepper plant (P.coriarium), rhubarb (Rheum Maximoviczii) due to the unrestrained gathering are damaged, and species of the shrub genus Calligonum mainly growing in consolidated and blown sands at 400-800 masl.