Participation of the delegation of Tajikistan at the Plenary meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific Technological Advice of the Convention on Bi

  • 3/31/2022 6:49:52 PM
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Today, 23 March 2022, the SBSTTA-24 Plenary Meeting was held in Geneva to discuss decisions on Alien Invasive Species - CRP 7, Marine and Coastal Biodiversity - CRP.2, the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and the IPBES Work Program – L.4.

The meeting was opened by the President of COP-15 and the Representative of the Secretariat, the Chair of SBSTTA, Mr. Benétez Diaz, and presented decisions to the participants for consideration and discussion.

The delegation of Tajikistan made proposals and recommendations on the impact and threat of invasive alien species on biodiversity and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.