Reference Title Deadline Terms of Reference
08-12/01-2021-RFQ-NBBC/UNDP-SL Construction of 2 checkpoints in the Lahsh National Park, Lahsh district 23.08.2021 Download file
SGP-SL-02/21 Submission of applications for the Small Grants Program 20.07.2021 Download file
10-06_01-2021-RFQ-NBBC-UNDP-SL Purchase of uniforms and field equipment for employees of specially protected natural areas 24.06.2021 Download file
18-03/05-2021-RFQ-UNDP-SL Provision of communication services (Internet) 01.04.2021 Download file
11-03/01-2021-RFQ-NEAP/UNEP-BIOSAFETY Invitation to submit price proposals - "Publication of information materials" 26.03.2021 Download file
11-03/02-2021-RFQ-NEAP/UNEP-BIOSAFETY Invitation to submit price proposals - "Publication of educational materials" 26.03.2021 Download file
SGP-SL-01/21 Подача завяок по Программе Малых Грантов 10.03.2021 Download file
03-10/01-2019-RFQ-NBBC/UNDP-SL (EXT) Establishment of demonstration site (show room) on energy efficiency technologies (Extension of deadline) 04.11.2020 Download file
09-07_01-2020-RFQ-NBBC-UNDP-SL Installation of banners and pointers for demarcation boundaries of protected areas 23.07.2020 Download file
03-09_01-2020-RFQ-NBBC-UNDP-SL Provision of Internet service for project office 19.07.2020 Download file
25-06_01-2020-RFQ-NBBC-UNDP-SL Purchase of uniforms 09.07.2020 Download file
SGP-SL-01/20-EXT Extension of submission of Proposals under Small Grant Progran 21.02.2020 Download file
SGP-SL-01/20 Proposals under Small Grant Program 07.02.2020 Download file
09-01/01-2020-RFQ-NBBC/UNDP-SL Internet serices for project office 23.01.2020 Download file
14-11/02-2019-RFQ-NBBC/UNDP-SL Preparationof film 21.11.2019 Download file
14-11/01-2019-RFQ-NBBC/UNDP-SL Procurement and delivery of furniture 21.11.2019 Download file